China Base of Export of Low-voltage Appliance settled in Yueqing

Updated:2016-08-08 (english.zcom.gov.cn)

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The 9th China Appliance Cultural Festival and International Electric Products Expo was opened in Liushi Town, Yueqing City on February 1. It was sponsored by China Appliance Industry Association, Yueqing Municipal Government, and Zhejiang Provincial Electric Association and organized by Liushi Town Government, Liushi Industrial and Commercial Council and Yueqing Electric Association. To challenge the influence of the global financial crisis last year, Yueqing and Liushi allocated RMB 2 million Yuan to subsidy the medium-small enterprises in exhibition for the first time to set up a platform for exchange, negotiation and business invitation to find the opportunities in crisis. Meanwhile, they invested much in image advertisement in CCTV. Through media and the local trade councils around China, they integrated the “enterprise brand and enterprise cultural” and “transforming, upgrading, developing and negotiating” together to form standard and professional exhibition service system. The exhibition attracted the relevant local trade councils around China to organize teams to take part in the exhibition in China Appliance Capital.

The exhibition halls cover 25000 M2 and over 500 enterprises occupied more than 1400 booths, 300 over the expected number. Appliances of thousands types of over ten thousand categories were showed in the exhibition. It also opened a hi-tech hall which impressed the customers so much.

Right now, Yueqing has become the industrial appliance production base in China with largest production scale, most powerful production capacity, biggest market share and complete industrial categories. China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products awarded the plate “China Base of Export of Low-voltage Appliance” to Yueqing City on the opening ceremony.

Source: Wenzhou Municipal Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau

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