The inbound and outbound volumes of freight of bonded warehouse in Ningbo slid backwa

Updated:2016-08-08 (english.zcom.gov.cn)

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In January this year, the inbound volume of freight of bonded warehouse in Ningbo is 51,400 tons with the value of US$ 21.543 million, decreased by 32.52% and 62.07% respectively compared with the same period last year. The outbound volume is 25,200 tons with the value of US$ 7.725 million, decreased by 34.82% and 59.27% respectively. The domestic sales of commodities originally produced for exports is 11,000 tons with the value of US$ 11.44 million, decreased by 27.24% and 44.99% respectively. In face of the financial crisis, Ningbo Customs has stipulated measures to encourage and guide enterprises to develop the advantage and function of bonded warehouse, and thanks to that, the export and import value of goods in January rose again with US$ 29.2682 million in a single month, increased by 49.9% as compared with last December, which stops the step-down trend since last September.

Source: Ningbo Municipal Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau

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