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Wilmington, Delaware USA

ningbo.chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:  November 16, 2016 L M S

The city of Wilmington and Ningbo established an official sister-city relationship in May 1988.

Located in northeastern USA, the city of Wilmington is the largest industrial and commercial port city in Delaware. It is also an important transportation hub between New York (195 km away) and Washington, DC (170 km away). The city covers an area of 1,800 square km and has a population of 500,000. 

Exchanges between Ningbo and Wilmington

In 1992, a delegation organized by the Foreign Affairs Office of Ningbo and the Ningbo Branch of China Council for Promotion of International Trade paid a business visit to Wilmington. In 1993, the Chairman of Honson Associates International Inc. of Wilmington visited Ningbo. This was followed by a number of further visits by the Chairman in an effort to promote trade and cooperation between the two cities. In 1995, Ningbo industrial delegation visited Wilmington and attended the World Trade Week of Delaware in Wilmington.

In October 1997, the President of Delaware International Friendship Association attended the International Fashion Festival of Ningbo, together with two other personnel. In November 1997, the Ningbo Enterpreneur Delegation visited Wilmington.

Port and main port facilities

Wilmington Port is located on the east coastline of USA, 65 miles away from the navigation channel of the Atlantic Ocean, and at the very place where Christina River merges into the Delaware River. The port was first built in 1923, under the jurisdiction of the Wilmington municipality. 

Covering an area of 300 acres, the port has an advantageous geographical location, with railways, airlines and expressways connecting to all major cities in the country. The port facilities are also advanced, complete with temperature-controlled warehouses. It is a complete, multi-functional and modern port.  

Highly developed financial sector

Due to liberal laws and tax structuring, Wilmington has attracted a large number of major corporations. Over 60 percent of the Fortune 500 and more than 50 percent of publicly traded US companies keep major offices in the city. 

Currently, Wilmington is regarded as a national financial center for the credit card industry. Major credit card issuers such as Bank of America, Chase (JPMorgan), Barclays, Capital One 360 (ING Direct) and HSBC have all made Wilmington the location of their respective American headquarters. Chemical giant DuPont has also made Wilmington its home since the company was first created in the early 1800s.

Cultural wealth

Wilmington has a recreational arts center, as well as a number of opera houses and theatres. The Children's Theatre of Delaware State is also located here and specializes in catering to children by staging both classic and contemporary plays on family life.

The Delaware Art Museum and the Modern Art Center of Delaware elicit an atmosphere of exquisite culture within the city. Many often visit to appreciate the rare masterpieces collected by connoisseurs of all ages.

The city of Wilmington is also host to many annual music festivals, as well as ethnic festivals celebrating the diverse population of the city, including Italian, Greek, Polish, Hispanic and African American festivals throughout the spring and summer seasons.  

Amiable climate

Wilmington has a delightful climate the year round, neither extremely cold as in the north of the country, nor does the city experience the scorching heat often found in the south.