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Veszprém, Hungary

ningbo.chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:  November 16, 2016 L M S

The city of Veszprém, Hungary, became the sister-city of Ningbo in July 2003.

Veszprém is situated in western Hungary, 15 km away from Lake Balaton, the largest freshwater lake in Europe, and 110 km away from the capital, Budapest. The total population of the city is 386,000.

Veszprém is one of the oldest cities in Hungary where people have lived since the prehistoric period.  One of the oldest buildings is the Baroque Veszprém Castle. After World War Ⅱ, the city experienced rapid growth and founded the university, various institutes and factories. Due to its advantageous location, wonderful environment, and proximity to Lake Balaton and the Bakony Mountains, it became a tourism resort.


In addition to the tourist industry, commerce and trade, its other industries also experienced rapid growth, such as machinery, aluminum products, chemicals, plastics, motor fittings, food processing and winemaking. 

New industrial zones have been built in recent years. Considering the advantages of its location, infrastructure, and preferential policies enacted by the municipal government, many large-scale European and overseas firms have launched operations there.

Veszprém also boasts many cultural and recreation facilities. The theatres, symphony orchestras, singing and dancing troupes, equestrianism clubs and all sorts of traditional cultural activities all help to showcase the amazing history and culture of the city.