Xiangshan county


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Xiangshan county, situated between Xiangshan Harbor and Sanmen Bay in central Zhejiang province, is surrounded by the sea on three sides. The county covers an area of 1,382 sq km and has a population of 540,000.

In 2015 its GDP reached 40.6 billion yuan ($5.99 billion), and the total public financial income amounted to 6.14 billion yuan.




Xiangshan has abundant marine resources. It is a peninsula county with a sea area of 6,618 sq km and a coastline of 925 km. There are 656 islands in Xiangshan, accounting for 80% of the islands in Ningbo and 21.4% in Zhejiang province. Xiangshan is famed in the Yangtze River Delta for its rich marine resources, and its possession of 36 golden beaches totaling 13.2 km in length.

Xiangshan is advanced in industries such as the port equipment, shipbuilding and electrical energy. It also boasts five traditional industries, knitting, molding, automotive parts, aquatic products and power transmission. Xiangshan county has been honored as a National Mold County, a China Famous Knitting City and a China Aquatic Products Processing Base. 

The county has attached great importance to the development of its marine economy, and has laid foundations for a Cross-Taiwan Straits Exchange Base, the Xiangshan Marine Comprehensive Exploitation and a Protected Pilot Site. With the rapid development of its marine economy, the shipbuilding scale has reached 1.95 million Dead Weight Tonnage (DWT), the ocean transportation scale reaching 0.88 million DWT. 

As a natural oxygen bar, its forest coverage ratio totals 59.1%, meeting the national primary standard for tourist resorts. Xiangshan is also an outstanding National Ecological Demonstration Zone and a Marine Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration.

Xiangshan has a 6000-year-long history. It has won honors as a National Ecological Experimental Conservation Area of Marine Fishing Culture and an Intangible Cultural Heritage Conservation Comprehensive Pilot County.