Ninghai county


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Situated in the middle of east Zhejiang province, Ninghai county was one of the first open coastal economic areas approved by the State Council. It covers an area of 1,931 sq km, including 176 km of coastline, and is home to a population of 580,000. 

The county has seen rapid development in the local industrial economy. It maintains six major industries, textiles, mechanics, rubber, plastics, electronics and metal products. Local enterprises such as Hualian Textile, Jinghai Chemical and Shuanglin Group have been developing into the driving forces of the county. 

Ninghai enjoys a favorable geographic location with distinct transportation advantages. The county rests only 66 km south of Lishe International Airport, its coastal harbors providing connection with Ningbo, Shanghai and Dalian in the north as well as Wenzhou, Xiamen and Hong Kong in the south. 

As of 2015, the GDP of the county reached 43.4 billion yuan ($6.42 billion), an increase of 8.4 percent compared with the previous year. The per capita GDP exceeded 75,120 yuan. 

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