Labor and Social Security Administration of Zhejiang

Updated:2016-11-16 (english.ningbo.gov.cn)

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1. This form should be filled in Chinese with Fountain pen(English name 

must be in accordance with the passport).

2. The parts of “Opinion of Trade Administration”、“Opinion of County

Labor and Social Security Administration”、“Decision of Municipal

Labor and Social Security Administration”、 “Employment License 

No.”、“Employment Permit No.” and“Date of expiry” should be 

filled by respective authorities.

3. Needn’t to fill in “Opinion of Trade Administration” if the employer 

doesn’t have any Trade Administration.

4. Parts of “Passport type”,“Passport No.”, “Visa type and Visa No.” 

shouldn’t be filled till Employment Permit is applied.

5.  Photocopy of the form is invalid.

Note: “Application Form of Employment of Foreigners in Zhejiang” should be printed in the original format with A3 paper, and then get it photocopied in duplex. For help, call: 87464761.

Labor and Social Security Administration of Zhenjiang Province