List of Postgraduate Programs of Ningbo University


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List of Postgraduate   Programs

Doctoral Programs

Engineering Mechanics

Telecommunications and   Information Systems


Two Master Degree   Programs of Primary Discipline


Information and   Telecommunications

Fifty-four Graduate   Programs of Subordinate Discipline

English Language and   Literature

Marxism and Its   Realization in China

Industrial Economics

Mechanical Engineering   and Automation

Regional Economics

Developmental and   Educational Psychology

Condensed Matter   Physics


Mechanical Electronic   Engineering

Science of Fisheries   Resources

Structural Engineering

Theoretical Physics

Food Sciences

Applied Psychology

Biochemistry and   Molecular Biology

Marxism Fundamental   Theories

Contemporary Chinese   Literature

Contemporary Chinese   History

Aquatic Product   Processing and Storage

Signals and Information   Engineering

Human and Sociological Science   of Sports

Curriculum and   Educational Theory

Economic Law

Inorganic Chemistry

Applied Mathematics

Universal Mathematics

Marine Biology


Epidemic and Medical   Statistics

Corporate Management

Specified History

Ancient Chinese   Literature

Engineering Mechanics

In addition, Ningbo University has been authorized to offer five professional master degrees. They are Agricultural Extension Master (AEM), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Juris Master (J.M), Master of Public Administration (MPA), and Master of Education (Ed.M).

For more info, please visit: http://w3.nbu.edu.cn/english/