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Ningbo companies shine at the 3rd WIC

Updated:2016-11-17 (ezhejiang.gov.cn)

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As active participants in the third World Internet Conference (WIC), internet companies from Ningbo, Zhejiang province are involved in several different areas of the big event, including the Light of the Internet Expo and support work for the main venue, Wuzhen Internet International Convention Center.

Chinajey and Ydool from Ningbo are displaying their latest products at the Light of the Internet Expo, an exhibition showcasing the world's most exciting and groundbreaking new internet technologies.



Chinajey's booth at the Light of the Internet Exposition [Photo/Ningbo FabuWeChat]

Chinajey is exhibiting a platform called D-work to solve the problems faced by digital workshops intraditional manufacturing enterprises. To handle the difficulties in production, quality control and decision analysis in the manufacturing sector, the company has employed more development and research staff to design, develop and test this platform.

Su Yuxue, chief executive of Chinajey said, "D-work is able to sync with intelligent hardware providing real-time data which can be seen on terminals like computers and phones. The platform will enable decision makers to analyze precise data focusing on the work done in workshops, making it possible to increase manufacturing efficiency."



Ydool's booth at the Light of the Internet Exposition [Photo/Ningbo FabuWeChat]

Ydool will step onto the exhibiting stage of WIC for the second time this year, as the company will introduce a service platform for big data and cloud computing.

Lu Shidong, chairman of Ydool said that the company has developed a search engine, a recommendation engine, a robot and a system of big data analysis to provide precise data based on cloud computing. A series of monitoring service products will also be developed to make the platform a 24-hour "data bank".

In addition to the companies in attendance at the exposition, others from Ningbo have also offered their support for the annual event, including Dafeng, a global company specializing in integrated culture & sports facilities, and Ship Group, a company focusing on networking products, cables and consumer electronics.



Dafeng's intelligent facilities add luster to the 3rd WIC. [Photo/Ningbo FabuWeChat]

Dafeng provided customized stage facilities for the Wuzhen Internet International Convention Center this year.To ensure a successful event, the company has installed advanced lighting and audio equipment, as well as a digital video system.

Ship Group


Ship Group provides a cabling solution for the data room of Wuzhen Internet International Convention Center. [Photo/Ningbo FabuWeChat]

Ship Group hasprovided a professional cabling solution for the data room of Wuzhen Internet International Convention Center.The whole project entailedabout two week of modification and optimization.