Dongqian Lake

Updated:2016-11-28 (chinadaily.com.cn)

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Official culture. In the history, most administers in Dongqian Lake area were honest and upright, and in this area the Confucianism prospers. During the North Song Dynasty (960 – 1127), Wang Anshi, a county magistrate in the Yin county, was solicitous of the populace. On the basis of actual needs, he organized people to construct dikes and dams, dredge waterways and build irrigation works, many of which still work today. During the South Song Dnasty, treacherous official Qin Gui framed a case against general YueFei, a national hero. It is the Prime Minister Shi Hao who appealed for redress of the wrong. Shi Hao was just born in Dongqian Lake area. Because of his uprightness and bravery, he is immortal in people’s heart. Besides him, the Shi family has cultivated two other prime ministers and two dukes in four generations, leaving legends and talks for the descendants.

In August of 2001, the Ningbo Municipal Government made a decision to accelerate the development of Dongqian Lake area, ensured the layout range of Dongqian Lake Resort is about 230 square kilometers, including Dongqianhu town, Tian Tong temple, Asoka Temple and TianTong Forest Park, and founded the Dongqian Lake Resort Management Committee. As an agency of municipal government, it exercises relevant city-level economic administration power, which is equivalent to the administrative management function of the county in its range. This significant decision conforms to the trend of Ningbo’s development, because Ningbo plans to remove its downtown to the east and establish the eastern new city zone. Moreover, as an international port city, the decision also advances city function of Ningbo, for urbanization development strategy.

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