18th China Fishing Festival held in Xiangshan

Updated:2016-11-29 (en.nbwh.gov.cn)

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On the morning of September 16, the sailing ceremony of the 18th China Fishing Festival was held in Shipu Harbor, Xiangshan, one of the six national fishing harbors.


Present at the sailing ceremony were Zhang Dengyi, chairman of 4th Pacific Society of China and former director of State Oceanic Administration, Lu Ziyue, deputy party secretary and mayor of Ningbo, Gao Hongbo, vice chairman of China Writers Association, Wan Yawei, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Ningbo and director of the Propaganda Department, Su Limian, vice director of the Standing Committee of People Congress and chairman of Labor Unions, Lin Jingguo, deputy mayor and Wang Bin, representative of State Oceanic Administration. At the sailing ceremony, Lu Ziyue gave orders to start fishing and Lin Jingguo gave a speech on behalf of Ningbo municipal government.

Since founded in 1998, China (Xiangshan) Fishing Festival, based on its rich fisheries culture, has drawn more and more people to respect oceans by holding festivals, thus promoting the blending of marine culture and marine economy and pushing forward the sound and rapid development of economy and society. After 17 years of experience, China (Xiangshan) Fishing Festival has become an influential cultural and tourist festival at home and abroad. Up to now, it has been awarded more than ten times and got listed in Ten Folk Festivals by China National Tourism Administration.

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