Procedures for Establishing Representative Offices in Ningbo

Updated:2016-12-02 (ningbo.gov.cn)

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Procedures for Establishing Representative Offices in Ningbo

To foster the development of international economic and trade relations, overseas enterprises can establish representative offices in Ningbo upon application and approval.

1. Submitting application: An overseas enterprise which is intending to establish a representative office in Ningbo may entrust an agency to handle this business in Ningbo to submit application on its behalf for establishing a representative office to Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation.

2. Documents required for application: The applicant shall complete "The Form for Establishing Representative Office by Overseas Enterprises" and present the following documents:(1) An application duly signed by the chairman of the board or general manager of the foreign enterprise with such details as the name of the representative office, names of the persons-in-charge, its scope of business, residential duration and its address; (2) A legal business certificate issued by competent authorities of the country or region where the applicant is located; (3) A letter issued by a bank which has business relations with the applicant testifying to its financial and credit standing; (4) Power of attorney issued by the applicant for the staff of its office and their curriculum vitae.

3. Examination and approval: Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation will examine the application of overseas enterprises for setting up representative offices in Ningbo and will issue the certificate to the applicant upon approval if the establishment is deemed necessary.

4. Registration: With the certificate of approval and all the documents referred to in section 2, the applicant can register its representative office with Ningbo Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce to obtain a registration certificate as well as a representative card.