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The confirmation letters of foreign investment projects in conformity with national industrial policies


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Term Property

Item of non-requiring Administrative License

Administrative Authority

Ningbo Municipal Development and Reform Commission

Acceptance Location

Service Center of Ningbo municipal Development and Reform Commission

Consulting phone number


Responsible Offices

The administrative examination and approval office

Main basis of setting or implementing(File name, symbol, and specific provisions

Administration of Tax Rebates on the Purchase of Domestically-Manufactured Equipment by Foreign Investment Enterprises Trial Procedures(No.111,[2006] of the State Administration of Taxation)

Transaction term

Statutory term: 20 working days

Promised term: 7 working days

Documentation to submit

1.Examine and approve projects, confirm documents;

2.List of purchasing domestic equipment, septuplicate;

3.The project application report or feasibility study report, which include the list of purchasing domestic equipment;

4.The enterprise contract and articles of association of the approval document (copy) of Foreign trade departments ;

5.Enterprise Business License、Foreign-invested enterprise approval certificate and business tax registration certificate, Original and copy;

6.Capital verification report of the enterprise;

7.The project belongs to original capital increase must provide project approval documents before original capital increase;

8.All the products are directly exported permitted foreign investment projects, enterprises must provide copies of contracts and articles of association;

9.Other materials need to be explained or provided.

Charge (Y/N) No

Brief Flow Diagram

The administrative examination and approval office—The office of opening-up—Leader of Development and Reform Commission—Super-ordinate administration department——The office of administrative examination and approval