Strawberry-themed cultural festival warms up Ningbo


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With the approaching Chinese New Year, the iconic hue of the festival - red - is spreading throughout Ningbo, a harbor city in Zhejiang province.

Shangtian town of Ningbo, hailed as the "home of strawberries in China", began a cultural festival themed on the luscious red fruit on Jan 7, fusing the atmosphere with a taste of the new year.

The opening ceremony for the strawberry festival also inaugurated a makerspace for agricultural- related startups in the town.


Strawberries arranged as flower bunches are popular among young girls in Ningbo. [Photo/nb.zjol.com.cn]


Strawberry cake trimmings resemble a tree. [Photo/nb.zjol.com.cn]


Strawberry snowman-shaped desserts smile at every visitor. [Photo/nb.zjol.com.cn]

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