Deputies, members outline views at Ningbo's two sessions

Updated:2017-04-13 (chinadaily.com.cn)

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People's Congress deputies

Geng Li, president of the Ningbo Branch of the Postal Savings Bank of China

Geng made suggestions on financial services for the "Made in China 2025" plan. She said to promote development of manufacturing companies, innovation of financial products, like offering loans in accordance with the companies' credits, should be boosted. Additionally, communication between government agencies, financial institutes and companies needs to be further facilitated to explore various ways for industries to raise funds.

Jiang Dingkang, vice director of the management committee of Xikou - Tengtou Scenic Area

Jiang suggested the government help Xuedou Mountain participate in more international exchange activities to promote the mountain's Buddhist culture. Cultural research themed on Buddhism is also on his list of proposals.

Fu Pingjun, head of the Tengtou village committee

Ningbo should promote "all-for-one tourism", focusing on the upgrading and integration of tourism resources, public services, systems and mechanisms, and regulations and policies, according to Fu.

He stressed the importance of making a comprehensive plan, perfecting the infrastructure and promoting the tourist environment in Ningbo.

Fei Weihua, director of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress in Jiangbei district

Fei outlined his views on transportation improvement. He urged the construction of main roads to facilitate the interconnection of different parts of Ningbo and to ease traffic jams in urban areas.

He also remarked on public transportation, especially bus lines. In his opinion, the current bus network needs to be adjusted in accordance with passenger flow to better serve the public.

Zhu Shenghai, chairman of Shengfeng Economic Cooperative in Haishu district

Zhu said, "A group of companies good at technology innovation and management modernization needs to be cultivated when the whole city is seeking agricultural development." By growing these companies, the small and medium-sized ones will be able to learn from them and together contribute to the agriculture industry, he added.

More technological instruction and financial support, such as funds for innovation and environmentally friendly technologies, should flow to the sector as well, according to Zhu.

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