First sponge park completed in Ningbo

Updated:2017-05-05 (chinadaily.com.cn)

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Completion of a sponge park project was recently announced after inspection by a joint team made up of the Ningbo traffic police bureau, the municipal administration department and other related agencies.

The sponge park, located at the north bank of Yaojiang River in Jiangbei district, has a total area of 35,057 square meters.

Generally focusing on permeable surfaces and water infrastructure, the park is going to use rainwater for ecological purposes. The area's rainwater will partly supplement underground supplies and partly be drained to the Yaojiang River to reduce pressure on the municipal administration in water drainage.

A green belt of beautiful landscaping along the river will also provide a public recreation area.

A pilot city in China's sponge city initiative, Ningbo is incessantly exploring urban construction. Cicheng new town in Jiangbei district was the city's first area to apply the sponge concept. Now, six areas in Ningbo have been approved as demonstration projects for sponge city development.