China-CEEC Expo, ZJITS, CICGF close with fruitful results

Updated:2017-06-14 (chinadaily.com.cn)

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Ningbo, in Zhejiang province, has just hosted a huge trade and investment fair that attracted 20,000 guests and achieved strong results.

The 3rd China-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo (China-CEEC Expo) was held in conjunction with the 19th China Zhejiang Investment and Trade Symposium (ZJITS) and the 16th China International Consumer Goods Fair (CICGF). The event ended on June 12.

The events held 58 major activities: investment symposiums, expositions, conferences and forums, and cultural exchanges. As powerful platforms for communication and cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries, the three events contributed to Zhejiang's internationalization and Ningbo's reputation as an important business center.


According to the organizing committee, there were more than 20,000 guests from home and abroad at the events, among whom 11,000 were from 61 foreign countries and regions.

Leaders from national ministries and departments, the Zhejiang government and other Chinese provinces and cities took part in the events. Officials from CEE countries including Slovenia, Romania and the Czech Republic participated in the China-CEEC Expo. Diplomats and business representatives from countries such as New Zealand, Australia and Vietnam were invited to a promotion meeting for the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Experts and scholars from around the world offered advice and suggestions at ZJITS.


People from different countries and regions came to Ningbo for the great events. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

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