HK youth show admiration for Ningbo's entrepreneurial spirit

Updated:2017-08-04 (chinadaily.com.cn)

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A group of students from Hong Kong arrived in Ningbo on Aug 1 to begin a six-day exchange program with a tour of three local museums.

The students expressed their admiration at the achievements of Ningbo and its contribution to the development of China. The three museums feature Ningbo's history, book collection and entrepreneurial achievements.

The group in Ningbo were selected from over 2,000 youngsters taking part in an 11-city tour program between Hong Kong and Zhejiang province, to enable youth from Hong Kong familiarize themselves with development on the mainland.

One young man from Hong Kong was moved by the spirit of "always to be the first" and "forging ahead" found in Ningbo's entrepreneurs.

"I have met many Ningbo people studying or working in Hong Kong and I have seen diligence and frugality in them," he remarked.

"Ningbo boasts a long history and pleasant living environment. It also does well in the protection and preservation of traditional culture. We think it is a charming place," said another youngster.


Youth from Hong Kong listen carefully to a tour guide during their visit to Ningbobang Museum (Museum of Ningbo's entrepreneurs) on Aug 1. [Photo/ zj.people.com]