Interim Measures for the Administration of Special Fund for Ningbo Municipality Personnel Attracting Project


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Ningbo has set up a special fund for its personnel attracting project which will be used by related companies to hire foreign experts and send employees to go abroad for training or promote achievements of the project.

Purpose of the fund:

1. To support projects included in the National Personnel Attracting Plan.

2. To support projects included in Ningbo Municipality Personnel Attracting Project.


Units included in the annual plan of national and municipal foreign experts introducing project, overseas training program and achievements promotion project.

Expenditure range:

1. Expenses for foreign experts who work in Ningbo city, covering work payment, international and domestic travel expenses, accommodation and transportation expenses, and other expenses that are closely related to technical guidance activities

2. Part of training fees and international travel expense for personnel who go abroad for training

3. Other expenses to promote the achievements of Personnel Attracting Project