Pacific Rim art exhibition held in Ningbo

Updated:2019-08-09 (chinadaily.com.cn)

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Artists and art lovers from countries and regions along the Pacific Rim attend the opening ceremony of the 2019 Hands Across the Pacific Art Exhibition. [Photo/nma.org.cn]

The 2019 Hands Across the Pacific Art Exhibition, showcasing art works from countries in the Pacific Rim region, opened recently will run until Aug 16 in Ningbo.

Since it was first held in 2000, the exhibition has grown into a global communication platform for artists and art lovers from countries and regions along the Pacific Rim. It has been held in many Chinese cities, including Beijing and Wuhan, as well as in foreign countries, including Canada and Japan. 

The exhibition mainly focuses on contemporary art. Over 80 art works, over 20 of which were made by local Ningbo artists, are being exhibited. Works include prints, oil paintings, watercolors, and Chinese paintings.

Most of the works from western countries are abstract works embodying profound academic accomplishments, especially those from Australia, while art works from Southeast Asian countries are closely connected with Chinese culture. For example, a Japanese seal-cutting artist used patterns from Zhejiang's Liangzhu culture while creating art works, said Han Licheng, curator of the Ningbo Museum of Art.

Han added that, most of the Malaysian art works are imagery or realism oil paintings which showcase plain scenes in ordinary life. 

Art works created by Ningbo's local artists give priority to contemporary art, and also pay attention to realism, according to the curator.


Visitors appreciate the exhibited art works. [Photo/nma.org.cn]