Ningbo to attract 130,000 college graduates

Updated:2020-03-25 (chinadaily.com.cn)

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Ningbo attracts 130,000 college graduates to work in the city in 2019, up 65.2 percent from the previous year. [Photo/cnnb.com.cn] 

Ningbo attracted 130,000 college graduates to work in the city in 2019, up 65.2 percent from the previous year, data from local human resources and social security departments shows.

The satisfaction level among college students who come to work in the city is among the highest of any major city in the nation, according to surveys by third-party institutions such as human resource service provider zhaopin.com and Mycos Research Institute. 

Ningbo is becoming a popular choice for young college graduates owing to its robust economy and congenial working environment, said a head official at the Ningbo municipal bureau of human resources and social security.

The city is expected to attract more than 130,000 college students seeking employment or looking to start businesses this year, based on the number of job vacancies and surveys of enterprises. 

To achieve this goal, Ningbo will launch a string of recruitment events in the coming days.

It will kick off a national recruitment tour, holding 100 job fairs in 40 cities across the country, including Wuhan. 

The city also plans to attract 5,000 professionals from home and abroad by advancing cooperation with intermediate agencies and talent workstations overseas. 

Meanwhile, it will provide internships for 10,000 college graduates and organize lectures and training classes offering employment guidance. 

Ningbo has seen a sharp increase in its population in recent years. Official data shows that a total of 530,000 people moved to the city in 2018 and 2019, a number equivalent to the permanent resident population of the city's Xiangshan county.