Ningbo listed as national model city for comprehensive transport services

Updated:2020-03-26 (chinadaily.com.cn)

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Ningbo was recently listed as a national model city for comprehensive transport services, according to local media reports. 

A total of 14 cities across the nation, including Beijing, made the list. Ningbo is the only city in Zhejiang province to win the national honor.

In August 2015, Ningbo was designated by the Ministry of Transport as one of the first national pilot cities for comprehensive transport services. 

The density of the city's comprehensive transport network increased by 15.4 percent in 2015, while the average transfer time at major passenger transport hubs decreased by 50 percent, and sea-rail combined transport traffic increased by 252 percent. 

In a survey by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Ningbo ranked first among major cities nationwide in terms of public satisfaction with public transport services two years in a row.

The city's public transportation system has been significantly enhanced in recent years. A comprehensive transport network including airports, railways, expressways, and subways has developed in the city. 

In 2018, Ningbo airport was approved as a national airport economic demonstration zone, and received more than 10 million passengers that year. A year later, the airport's new terminal opened, increasing passenger throughput to 12 million.

The city's logistics network has also expanded significantly.

For example, the Ningbo Zhoushan Port has established business ties with more than 100 countries and regions and currently offers 246 container routes.

The port has also developed a combined "sea-railway" transportation model. Goods are first sent by rail to Ningbo, and then shipped to other countries by sea, and vice versa. The port offers services to 46 cities in 15 provinces and municipalities and is the second busiest port in the country.

In addition, Ningbo has made great efforts to promote the sharing of transport service information, and the Ningbo Zhoushan Port has become China's first port to introduce paperless procedures for container handling.

The city has also made great progress in the formulation and application of new transportation service standards and a coordinated management system.