Ningbo contemplates use of space under overpass

Updated:  July 10, 2020 L M S


Children attend a basketball class at Panhuo Sports Park under an overpass in Yinzhou district, Ningbo. [Photo by Xiao Da/chinadaily.com.cn]

Ningbo in East China's Zhejiang province has started to make use of space under overpasses to build sports parks. Panhuo Sports Park is one such park. 

Long troubled over the cost of managing space under overpasses, authorities in the city's Yinzhou district decided to begin renovating the sports park under the Panhuo Overpass in August of last year.

Funded by Ningbo Yuhang Sports Development Co Ltd, the park consists of an indoor badminton court, an outdoor basketball court, and supporting facilities like public restrooms, covering an area of more than 9,000 square meters in total. 

Wen Jiaxuan, manager of the training department at Yuhang Sports, said that the construction of the park won't cause any damage to the body of the bridge. 

A multipurpose plaza has also been erected near the park, which is open for free 24 hours a day and is a great place to exercise and relax.

"There will also be small football and basketball games at night, which are expected to fuel the growth of the night economy," said Shui Wenliang, general manager of the company.

The sports park achieved a 60 percent use rate shortly after it opened, Shui said, revealing that the park now receives roughly 200 visitors per day, a number that is expected to increase to 500 within the next year, or about 200,000 per year. 

Shi Hailiang, head of the Yinzhou comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau, said that the park has not only solved long-term management problems, but also serves as a new fitness and recreational area. He said that more similar sports parks will be established in the district in the future.

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