Fenghua honey peaches

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:  July 14, 2020 L M S


Honey peaches grown in Ningbo's Fenghua district. [Photo/WeChat account: nbfb0574]

The planting of honey peaches in Fenghua has a history of more than 2,000 years, leading to the district being dubbed the "hometown of honey peaches in China". Honey peaches produced from Fenghua are renowned for their strong fragrance, soft and juicy texture, and sweet taste.

In 2019, the district established a local premium honey peach brand called "Huangxi Fengtao" in an effort to boost the growth of the local honey peach industry and help farmers increase their incomes. 

This year, a strict selection system for the premium brand was put in place. Honey peaches have been classified into different grades according to their weight, sugar content and appearance.

"Premium" peaches should weigh between 250 to 300 grams. A pack of eight premium honey peaches is priced at 128 yuan ($18.55) this year.