Fenghua rolls out four honey peach tourism routes

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:  July 14, 2020 L M S


Honey peaches grown in Ningbo's Fenghua district hit the market in the city. [Photo/WeChat account: nbfb0574]

Ningbo's Fenghua district recently rolled out four tourism routes revolving around honey peaches, a local specialty. 

The planting of honey peaches in Fenghua has a history of more than 2,000 years, leading to the district being dubbed the "hometown of honey peaches in China". Honey peaches are renowned for their strong fragrance, soft and juicy texture, and sweet taste.

The picking season is slated to last until mid-to-late August. 

Official data show the honey peach plantation area in Fenghua reached 53,000 mu (3,533.3 hectares) this year and is expected to yield 40,000 metric tons of peaches. 

Despite the prolonged rainy season, the honey peaches produced in the district have not been affected, according to a recent report.

The report compiled by the Zhejiang agricultural meteorological center shows that the overall meteorological conditions this year are conducive to the growth of honey peaches in Fenghua. 

In addition to the peach, Fenghua has many other things to offer for tourists and has been dubbed the "courtyard of eastern Zhejiang".

The four routes are detailed below: 

1. Xikou Xuedou Mountain Scenic Area - Chiang Kai-shek's Former Residence - Wushan Temple - Xianjian village - Yantou village.

This route gives travelers the chance to enjoy honey peaches at Wushan Temple and Xianjian village and go rafting in Yantou village.

2. Yantou village - Tengtou village 

Visitors will be impressed by the stark contrast between Yantou and Tengtou villages. Yantou village is an ancient village renowned for its profound culture and history, while Tengtou is extremely modern. 

3. Feicui Bay Ocean Park - Qifeng village - Tongzhao village or Nan'ao village - Miaojia village - Matou village - Houlang village

This route gives visitors the chance to experience local marine culture. Miaojia village is home to the Cao Xueqin Kite Museum. Cao is the writer of the 18th-century novel Dream of the Red Chamber. Houlang village is home to a honey peach picking base, where visitors can try several old varieties of the fruit. 

4. Wudongqiao Scenic Spot - Bokeng village - Dayan peach planation base