Museum of Ningbo Cuisine

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:  January 25, 2021 L M S


Models of Ningbo dishes are on display at the Museum of Ningbo Cuisine. [Photo/Haishu Fabu]

A museum showcasing the history and culture of Ningbo cuisine was unveiled on Nantang Ancient Street in Ningbo, Zhejiang province on Jan 17.

Zhejiang cuisine, which includes Ningbo's well-regarded cuisine, is known as one of the eight major cuisines of China.

The Museum of Ningbo Cuisine, with a total area of more than one square kilometer and featuring nearly 1,000 exhibits, showcases cooking tools and techniques that have been passed down through generations, as well as poems and literature recording the development of Ningbo cuisine.

The museum is open to the public for free and will host a variety of activities to promote Ningbo cuisine in the future.

Address: No 138, Chuanbu lane, Haishu district, Ningbo

Tel: +86-574-87257979