6 Ningbo enterprises among top 500 Chinese listed companies

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:  July 7, 2021 L M S

The list of China's top 500 listed enterprises in the first half of this year was released by 21 Data Journalism Lab on July 5. The calculated value of listed companies was based on closing prices on June 30.

A total of six companies from Ningbo, East China's Zhejiang province made the list, among which two are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, while the rest go public on A-share markets.

The six enterprises were Shenzhou International Group Holdings Limited, Bank of Ningbo, Sunny Optical Technology (Group) Co Ltd, Bull Group, Ningbo Zhoushan Port Co Ltd, and Ningbo Ronbay Lithium Battery Material Co Ltd.

Among them, Shenzhou International Group Holdings Limited, Bank of Ningbo, and Sunny Optical Technology (Group) Co Ltd all saw their market value surpass 200 billion yuan ($30.77 billion), ranking 80th, 83rd, as well as 91st respectively.

The total value of the top 500 enterprises amounted to about 98.78 trillion yuan, equal to nearly 66 percent of all listed companies in the country.

In terms of geographical distribution, Beijing ranked first with 100 companies, followed by Guangdong (72) and Shanghai (63). Thirty-eight companies from Zhejiang made the top 500 list, among which 24 were from the provincial capital city of Hangzhou.