Illustrations depict efforts to prevent COVID-19

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:  December 10, 2021 L M S


Hu Jingli, a teacher at Ningbo University, illustrates logistics staff disinfecting the canteen in his artwork on Dec 9. [Photo/Hu Jingli for Ningbo Daily]

Hu Jingli, a teacher at Ningbo University, recently created illustration of stories that have happened on campus to show his respect to those who have joined in the epidemic prevention efforts.

Ningbo University, which is close to Ningbo's Zhenhai district, has been closed since three positive COVID-19 cases were reported in Zhenhai on Dec 6. Mass nucleic acid testing of all teachers, students and logistics personnel on campus was conducted on the same day.

A volunteer team of more than 300 students and teachers was formed immediately to promote epidemic prevention and control.

Medical workers worked day and night to collect samples and logistics personnel were busy disinfecting canteens and helping students to buy and deliver what they needed to their dormitories. 

"I also want to do something to express respect and gratitude to the university," said Hu, who is known as being a talented illustrator. He decided to sketch these warm moments he saw on campus to bring a positive vibe of awareness to people.

This series of paintings was entitled "Cheer Up, Ningbo University," and has become popular among students and university staff members after it was posted online.

Qin Guozhao, a student at Ningbo University, was touched by these paintings and said that even though the epidemic is dangerous, it will definitely be defeated.