Ningbo renovates old street

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:  August 2, 2022 L M S


A night market is held on Huizheng Old Street, a renovated old street in Fenghua district, Ningbo, attracting many visitors. [Photo/Jiang Tao]

A one-week night market is being held on Huizheng Old Street in Fenghua district, Ningbo to celebrate the reopening of the street after renovation.

Due to urban development, Huizheng Old Street, a popular place among residents in the 1970s and 1980s offering various kinds of daily necessities and recreational activities, fell by the wayside.

In 2017, the 310-million-yuan ($45 million) renovation project on the street started. After renovation, the street has become home to 13 Minguo-style (1912-1949) buildings and more than 60 businesses relating to catering, hotels, education, recreation and intangible culture heritages.

Modern facilities, such as LED screens, laser beams and a large three-dimensional piano screen, are also installed on the street. 

The night market started on July 28, attracting many visitors. A resident surnamed Zhou was among them.

"I was a regular visitor to the street when I was a child. It offered almost everything my family needed. Now it's as crowded as it was back then," said Zhou.