Book events in full swing across Ningbo

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:  April 23, 2023 L M S


Children browse secondhand books at a mobile stall during a bookcrossing event in Qiangtai Community in Ningbo on April 20. [Photo/Ningbo Daily]

In celebration of World Book Day, which falls on April 23, a variety of events have been carried out across Ningbo, Zhejiang province to promote reading.

A bookcrossing event was launched in Qingtai Community in the city's Beilun district on April 20. The trunk of a car was turned into a stall offering secondhand books for people of all ages, including picture books, novels, and encyclopedias.

Lu Wei, an official of the community, said that all the books were donated by residents and then sorted into different topics by volunteers.

"It is a mobile book room," he said, "We want to repurpose unwanted books and create a space where residents can enjoy reading."


A book market was held in Jinhui Town in Haishu district, Ningbo on April 22. [Photo/Ningbo Daily]

On April 22, a book market with a variety of cultural activities held in Jinhui town in Haishu district attracted many book lovers – both adults and children.

Visitors to the market can donate a book in exchange for a pot of flowers.

"It's great to share books in such a way," said a resident surnamed Yu as she received a pot of daisies.

According to the organizer, all the books will be sent to reading rooms in villages and factories in May.