China CEEC Expo 2023: Mayors Forum eyes closer cooperation across industries

CGTN| Updated:  May 19, 2023 L M S

The Mayors Forum has been held during the China-Central and Eastern European Countries Expo.

More than 50 mayors and representative from CEEC countries joined the forum. Many of them already had good experience cooperating with China and wanted to explore more opportunities.

Marko Selakovic, mayor of Kragujevac, Serbia: "It's home for hundreds of employees who live in peace and harmony both from China and Serbia. We are really looking forward to developing our relationship to the next level."

Under the theme of "green development", topics such as new energy and intelligent transportation were discussed.

Many mayors said they were thinking to cooperate with not only one, but multiple cities across different sectors.

Marko Selakovic, mayor of Kragujevac, Serbia: "We have a room for huge development. It might be trade, it might be joint development of innovative solutions for the benefit of the citizens. It might be bringing in different green technologies, it might be also exchange good knowledge, good expertise, good innovations. It might be academic partnership. It might be investment. So, sky is the limit."

Miroslav Markovic, mayor of Varazdin, Croatia: "Varazdin, my town is friend with Wuhan and we are now setting up friendship with Harbin. What I see in my town, I'm very pleased to see green development. So I think Ningbo's experience can be used in my town also."

Lu Sirui, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province: "Ningbo is just one of many Chinese cities embracing international exchanges. And it's happening not only in the business sector, but also across culture and education. Experts say that as China further opens up, its cooperation with the world will become more practical. And it will create more mutually beneficial relationships."