Ningbo adds 3 national 3A scenic spot

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:  February 1, 2024 L M S


An aerial view of Meishanwan Beach Park located in the Chuanxiao sub-district, Beilun district, Ningbo. [Photo/Ningbo Evening News]

Three scenic spots in Ningbo, East China's Zhejiang province, have recently been elevated to national 3A level – the third highest grade in the nation's classification for scenic attractions, further enriching the city's tourism offerings.

The three newly upgraded attractions are Meishanwan Beach Park, Ningbo Steel Industrial Scenic Area, and Colorful Bailu Scenic Area.

Meishanwan Beach Park, located in the Chuanxiao sub-district of Beilun district, features an arc-shaped artificial beach extending approximately 1.88 kilometers from northwest to southeast. Covering an expansive area of about 320,000 square meters, it currently holds the distinction of being the largest artificial beach in the East China.

Also situated in Beilun, Ningbo Steel Industrial Scenic Area stands out as the sole production-oriented steel industry scenic area in Zhejiang. The area's unique industrial landscape showcases towering chimneys, orderly pipe networks, bustling production workshops, automated transportation rails, and immaculate factory premises, creating a visually captivating steel industry scene.

The Colorful Bailu Scenic Area, located in the southern part of Luting township in the county-level city of Yuyao, presents the quintessential mountainous landscape, often adorned with picturesque scenes of mist and clouds. The scenic spot's Shifengyan sightseeing platform hangs outside the cliff, offering breathtaking views at different period of a day. It has earned the reputation as the "most beautiful observation deck of Siming Mountain".

With the addition of these three new attractions, Ningbo is now home to two national 5A-level tourist attractions, 36 national 4A-level tourist attractions, and 52 national 3A-level tourist attractions, solidifying its position as a diverse and vibrant tourism destination.