New Year light show lights up Ningbo

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:  February 5, 2024 L M S

[Video/Ningbo Daily]

With the approach of the Chinese New Year, Ningbo in Zhejiang province is gearing up to host a spectacular light show across the city.

This year’s light show will showcase Chinese New Year traditions and the unique charm of the ten districts, counties, and county-level cities of Ningbo.

Using a dynamic combination of architectural façade displays and laser lights, the show aims to create an enchanting festive atmosphere with the lights portraying Ningbo’s prowess in manufacturing and innovation as well as its modern and fashionable identity.

The show will be launched in ten places across the city, including Sanjiangkou, the Eastern New Town, and Zhenhai, Fenghua and Beilun districts. 

It is set to run from Feb 7 to 25.

Check out the festive brilliance!