Plum blossoms adorn Fenghua with enthralling beauty

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:  February 21, 2024 L M S


Green plum flowers in full bloom in Yangcun village, Fenghua district, Ningbo. [Photo/Ningbo Daily]

A breathtaking sight has unfolded in Yangcun village, located in Ningbo's Fenghua district, where an expansive grove of green plum flowers recently burst into full bloom, creating a spellbinding spectacle.

Clusters of delicate plum blossoms have transformed the slopes along a village road into a mesmerizing sea of white petals. With each gentle breeze, the blossoms sway and gracefully descend, evoking the imagery of a serene snowfall and adding an enchanting touch to the spring scenery.

Diverging from the more commonly seen ornamental red plums, these green plum trees not only provide a stunning visual display but also hold significant economic value as fruit-bearing trees.

The versatility of green plums is exceptional, as they can be utilized at various stages of ripeness. When they reach approximately 60 percent ripeness, they are processed into candied plums. As they continue to mature, they are used in the production of plum wine, dried and preserved plums, and plum vinegar. Upon reaching full ripeness, they can be enjoyed as fresh fruit or transformed into delightful treats such as plum jam and salted dried plums.


A close-up look of fully blossomed green plum flowers in Yangcun village, Fenghua district, Ningbo. [Photo/Ningbo Daily]