Ningbo livestreaming goes international with Singaporean collaborations

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:  March 1, 2024 L M S

After the Chinese New Year, the Ningbo Cross-border Livestream Incubation Base, a livestreaming company in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, is seeking innovative ways to expand its international market by cooperating with livestreamers from Singapore.

Tang Xiaoyue, head of the Ningbo Cross-border Livestream Incubation Base, used to work in the international logistics industry, providing one-stop services such as overseas warehousing and delivery for cross-border e-commerce sellers in Ningbo.

With TikTok's global daily active users surpassing 1 billion, the platform is now a thriving hub helping e-commerce sellers expand their reach.

"Aiming at this trend, we are collaborating with Southeast Asian livestreamers and multichannel network (MCN) agencies while maintaining our original freight forwarding business to serve cross-border e-commerce enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta region through livestreaming for overseas markets," Tang said.

In 2022, Tang set up the Ningbo Cross-border Livestream Incubation Base.

"We are positioning our company as a general distributor of Chinese brands for TikTok. Chinese foreign trade enterprises used to sell goods to overseas importers, who then distributed them. Now, we play the role of overseas importers, purchasing goods from Chinese companies at wholesale prices and selling them globally through TikTok," Tang said.

At a recent livestreaming event after the Chinese New Year, the Ningbo Cross-border Livestream Incubation Base partnered with Singaporean livestreamers such as Queen J, generating more than 250,000 yuan ($34,739) in sales.

"Singapore's affinity for Chinese culture, coupled with the absence of time zone differences, makes it easier for local customers to accept Chinese brands. And the mutual visa exemption between China and Singapore facilitates easy travel for TikTok influencers and traders," Tang added.

As Chinese business models continue to globalize, Tang envisions a future where more Ningbo brands will leverage TikTok's platform for global exposure.