Homestay inns recommended in Ningbo

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Cishe is an old house typical of a residence in the period of the Republic of China (1912-1949). It was originally the residence of a Shanghai clothing entrepreneur. Built of stones with wooden doors and windows, the house is divided into six types of rooms and public spaces, the latter consisting of a library, an incense room and a room for Buddhist scripture chanting and meditation. The public spaces are ready for all kinds of handicraft-making activities, Chinese culture classes, creative salons and Buddhist activities.

Address: No 67 Taihu Rd, Cicheng Ancient Town, Jiangbei district, Ningbo

How to get there: Bus 826 from Ningbo Railway Station to Xiejia Stop, then Bus 339 to Cihu Middle School Stop

Tel: 0574-87432525

Cost: 481 yuan to 1139 yuan per night



Runshe is a 400-square-meter wooden structure located in Qiantong Ancient Town, a town that dates back to the late Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). The building takes inspiration from the wooden Baoguo Temple in Ningbo. The special wood fragrance gives the house a unique charm, as in Chinese tradition wood is believed to help inspire a feeling of warmth and peace, and thus is often used in architecture. The first floor serves as the public space where you can have tea and view exhibitions, while the second floor houses six distinct guest rooms, all of which are equipped with a small kitchen. 

Address: No 217 Qiantong Ancient Town, Ninghai county, Ningbo

How to get there: Bus 116 from Ninghai Railway Station to Ninghai West Bus Terminal, then Bus Qiantong 2 to Qianton Ancient Town.

Tel: 15858400002

Cost: 578 yuan to 887 yuan per night



Nanyushe was designed by an artist from Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, in the former residence of her parents-in-law. The lobby features a large round wooden table, and a fireplace made in Britain. The traditional tea house exhibits art works and handicrafts from many master artists. The second floor houses seven distinct guest rooms blending fashion and modernity. Down a small path, there is a bar, a restaurant and a small Japanese-styled yard. You will also have the chance to enjoy traditional local noodles made by the hostess.

Address: No 80-81 Nanshanzhang village, Sangzhou town, Ninghai county, Ningbo

How to get there: Take the direct bus to Sangzhou town at Ninghai West Bus Terminal, then walk 40 minutes or take a taxi to Nanshanzhang village.

Tel: 0574-85392226 or 13757448022

Cost: 398 yuan per night for weekdays, 498 per night for weekends and holidays

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