Wedding platform in china offers hefty salary for 'wedding surrogate' role

By Xu Zhesheng| China Daily| Updated:  April 24, 2024 L M S

A wedding service company in China is generating online buzz with its unique job offer: a "wedding surrogate" position with a reported annual salary of 500,000 yuan ($69,000). Hunliji, a wedding platform based in Hangzhou, promises a comprehensive experience for couples seeking a stress-free wedding, but with a twist – the "Daijia" (Surrogate) takes on the entire planning process.

Beyond the Planner

This role goes far beyond the typical wedding planner. "Daijia" responsibilities include in-depth communication with the couple, vendor management (booking venues, photographers, etc.), budgeting and price negotiation, and even emotional support to ensure a smooth and joyful experience. The job also comes with a hefty culinary requirement — attending at least 100 complimentary wedding banquets per year.

Ideal Candidate: Multifaceted and Meticulous

Hunliji seeks a unicorn candidate with a unique blend of skills and personality traits. The ideal "Daijia" boasts a double degree in psychology and economics, balancing empathy with financial expertise. They are also a romantic visionary, capable of transforming a couple's love story into a unique and unforgettable wedding. Additionally, the job description emphasizes the importance of meticulous planning and organization skills. Impeccable taste and the ability to navigate indecisive couples round out the ideal candidate profile. Perhaps most importantly, the "Daijia" must be resilient and adaptable, managing diverse personalities, dietary needs, and challenges with a smile.

Market Questions and Considerations

While the internet buzzes with reactions to the high salary and "free food" perk, others recognize the demanding nature of the job. Comments highlight the need for "life experience, emotional intelligence, and multitasking" abilities. Doubts also linger regarding the position's authenticity and its potential as a marketing ploy.

Human resources professional Chen Qingqing of 51job.com cautions that the service-oriented nature of the job may not suit everyone, and the long-term career prospects for this new position remain unverified. Chen advises job seekers to consider their personal skills, interests, and values carefully before applying, ensuring a career choice that aligns with their aspirations.

This unique job offer sheds light on the evolving wedding service industry in China and the growing demand for personalized, stress-free wedding experiences. However, questions remain about the long-term viability of this role and its suitability for all job seekers.