Folk parade held in Guanhaiwei town

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:  April 28, 2024 L M S


The streets of Guanhaiwei town are lined with cheering spectators as vibrant parade floats adorned with intricate decorations pass by. [Photo/Ningbo Daily]

Vibrant colors filled Guanhaiwei town in Cixi, a county-level city in Ningbo, on April 27 as a folk parade took over the streets. From the lively beats of drummers to the dazzling costumes, it was a spectacle of tradition and local culture.

The parade, with a history spanning more than two hundred years, remains a cornerstone of local culture and was listed among Cixi’s intangible cultural heritage items.

In the past, the event, held thrice yearly, was a bustling commercial and cultural affair. Merchants from far and wide would set up stalls, showcasing their crafts, while theatrical performances added to the festivities. Every household celebrated enthusiastically, inviting guests to partake in the spectacle.

The parade is now a symbol of Cixi's folk culture. Parade teams offer up an array of performances, blending traditional elements like drum boats, yarn boats, tea carriers, and cannon bearers with modern additions such as qipao displays, waist drums, and fan dances, creating a harmonious fusion of classical and contemporary customs.


A group of performers dressed in traditional costumes captivate the audience. [Photo/Ningbo Daily]


Local residents come together to participate in a folk parade in Guanhaiwei town, carrying colorful artworks. [Photo/Ningbo Daily]