Ningbo introduces mobile medical service for homebound patients

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:  June 20, 2024 L M S

Beilun district in Ningbo, Zhejiang province achieved a breakthrough in healthcare delivery with the launch of the city's first mobile medical service, providing comprehensive home-based healthcare solutions.

On June 19, an elderly resident of Hong’ao Village surnamed Wo experienced the efficiency of a new handheld device used by nurse Zheng Yanlin from the local community health service center. It marked the beginning of Ningbo’s first mobile medical clinic service, designed to bring hospital-quality care into patients' homes.

Wo and his wife are particularly grateful for this advancement. Three years ago, Wo was diagnosed with cerebral infarction and chronic atrial fibrillation, which required frequent hospital visits. These trips were often cumbersome and demanding for the entire family.

In 2021, upon hearing about the home care bed service, Wo’s wife applied for it. After qualifying, they began receiving weekly visits from healthcare professionals who monitored Wo's condition and adjusted his treatment as needed. Despite the convenience of home visits, the need for medical staff to return to the hospital for processing orders still posed challenges.

The introduction of a mobile face-recognition terminal has revolutionized this process.

Huang Xiaoyong, a local physician, said that previously, issuing medical orders involved several steps and took a long time. Now, with the new device, doctors can instantly access patient information and issue orders directly from the patient’s home, making procedures like blood tests and imaging much quicker.

Wo's wife commended the new system, noting how it simplifies and speeds up routine medical procedures. The mobile clinic terminal ensures that home care patients can now receive timely and accurate medical services without the inconvenience of hospital visits. 

Hu Qunxiong, deputy director of the Beilun District Health Bureau, emphasized the broader impact of this service. By integrating smart healthcare technology with mobile payment systems, Beilun is pioneering a new model of health management that overcomes traditional barriers. This initiative not only enhances convenience for patients but also improves the efficiency of healthcare providers, offering a more effective and patient-centered healthcare experience.