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  • Ningbo Banbianshan Beach Volleyball Centre

    Situated in the Banbian Mountain Tourism Resort in Xiangshan, the beach volleyball venue for the 19th Asian Games comprises a C-shaped semi-open sports stadium that faces the sea. The 4,400-square-meter stadium can accommodate 2,000 spectators.

  • Ningbo Xiangshan Sailing Centre

    The Ningbo Xiangshan Sailing Centre is the venue for the sailing competitions of the 19th Asian Game. Unlike other Asian Games venues, half of the center is located on land, while the other half is on the sea.

  • Ningbo sailing venues recognized by experts

    As the venue for sailing competitions of the 19th Asian Games, the Ningbo Xiangshan Sailing Centre in Ningbo, Zhejiang province has been recognized by sailing experts.

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