Splendid water show to be staged in Yinzhou

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:  November 10, 2020 L M S


 The water show to be staged in Yinzhou Park, Yinzhou district, Ningbo. [Photo/Ningbo Evening News]

Citizens in Ningbo will soon be able to enjoy the world's top water shows. 

The shows, choreographed by a French artist, will be staged at four sites in the city's Yinzhou district, including Yinzhou Park and Yinzhou Cultural Plaza.

Each show will be accompanied by 15 different genres of music, ranging from European symphonies to Chinese folk music.

The first show, to be staged in Yinzhou Park, features a large dynamic flower basket, with a height of 60 meters and a diameter of 60 meters.

An interactive sensor facility is also being installed at a commercial street in the Southern Business District, allowing visitors to create DIY images when the shows are over.

Water show facilities have now been installed and are entering the operational test phase.

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