Smart equipment aids educational development in Sichuan prefecture

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:  September 17, 2021 L M S


Students attend class in the smart classroom at Nancheng Primary School in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture, Southwest China's Sichuan province on Sept 16. [Photo/Ningbo Daily] 

A smart classroom was put into use at a primary school in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture, Southwest China's Sichuan province on Sept 16, part as a program that Ningbo is undertaking to support development in the area.

This year marks the first year that Ningbo in East China's Zhejiang province has cooperated with Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture. Over the past few months, the Jiangbei District Education Bureau in Ningbo has been supporting Liangshan's Yuexi County Education Bureau in educational development.

Established in 1940, Nancheng Primary School is one of the largest and best schools in Yuexi county. But nestled deep within the Daliang Mountains, it has few opportunities to interact with outside schools and lacks modern equipment to provide a better teaching environment for both teachers and students.

On Sept 16, a smart classroom donated by Ningbo residents was launched at Nancheng Primary School, which is also the first smart classroom in the county.

The new equipment not only enables teachers to participate in online training courses to strengthen their education and research potential, but also offers abundant online learning resources to students.

"In this classroom, our students can attend the same class as students in Ningbo, who are 2,600 kilometers away, which was unfathomable for us before," said Zheng Chengwei, the president of the school.