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Nagaokakyo, Japan

ningbo.chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:  November 16, 2016 L M S

Nagaokakyo in Japan and Ningbo in China initiated a sister-city relationship in April 1983.

Nagaokakyo, the capital city of Japan's Kyoto Prefecture, is a small city full of scenic locales. It neighbors Kyoto in the east, joins Konichi city in the north, borders Da Yama Zakityo in the south and is adjacent to the Osaka Prefecture in the west. Nagaokakyo covers an area of 20 sq km, with a population of 77,000. The bamboo forests and the green Nishi Hills are the city's primary landscapes. 

Since the establishment of sister-city relationship with Nagaokakyo, Ningbo has seen some development among its exchanges in economy, technology, culture and sports. So far Nagaokakyo has sent 40 delegations, totalling 584 persons, to Ningbo. In return, Ningbo has sent 31 delegations, amounting to 252 persons, to Nagaokakyo. Ningbo has also sent 51 trainees to Nagaokakyo over the course of 7 visits.


The economic exchanges and cooperation between the two cities mainly include mutual visits, technological cooperation and personnel training. Enterprises of the two cities have cooperated successfully in the development of a DC dual TV sound accompaniment decoder and the digital control system of a precision molding grinder.

Ningbo has also sent a total of 51 trainees to Nagaokakyo over the course of 7 visits. Of them, 14 are medical trainees and 37 are industrial trainees including 28 in mechanical engineering and 9 in electronics. Most of the trainees became the backbone technicians of their units after they returned home. Some of them have continued with their study of Japanese and worked for further development of the exchanges between the two cities.

Nagaokakyo enjoys warm temperatures with hardly any snow in winter. Azaleas and cherry blossoms bloom in spring, and chrysanthemums and maple leaves bloom in fall attracting many visitors to visit and delight in the beautiful foliage of the city.

Nagaokakyo is home to an impressive transportation system. Superhighways and the new railway line go through the city. Ease of transport and several preferential policies attract many big companies to set up factories in the city. Mitsubishi Electrics Kyoto Production, Panasonic Electronics Nagaokakyo Plant and Sandoli all call Nagaokakyo home. Nippon Transporter Corporation also houses its national headquarters within the city. 

Nagaokakyo has allocated spare land in the suburban area to develop agriculture featuring the production of bamboo shoots, eggplants and rapeseed. 

Nagaokakyo has also seen rigorous development in education, sports, culture and social welfare. There are two short-period universities, along with 16 middle and primary schools in the city. There are also many cultural, educational and recreational facilities such as cultural societies, libraries, educational centers and gymnasiums. Once known as the capital of Japan between 784 and 794, Nagaokakyo is also home to many historic relics.