Lianghuang Mountain

Updated:  November 28, 2016 L M S

The 768 meter Lianghuang Mountain is featured as the starting place of “Xu Xiake's Travel Notes” ( a famous travel book telling about Xu Xiake’s 30 years of travel experience over 400 years ago). The mountain takes its name from the story of Emperor Liangxuan of the South and North Dynasties (AD 420-589), who lived a secluded life in order to escape from the disordered times. The mountain is steep and filled with charming landscapes, including wonderful stones, deep and serene valleys and flowing waterfalls.


Tickets: 50 yuan ($7.23)

Address:North Border of Qiantong Ancient Town, 11.4 kilometers to the west Ninghai county

Telephone: +86-574-6537-1616

Traffic: Take Tongsan Expressway and exit at Ninghai-Taoyuan Middle Road -Waihuan Road-Huangtan Town-Lianghuang Mountain