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Huaxiang Group is a large-sized national enterprise and is one of 18 key groups in Ningbo. Huaxiang is ranked among the Top 500 Private Enterprises in China and the Top 500 Automobile Spare Parts Companies worldwide. With total assets exceeding 1 billion yuan ($145.39 million), Huaxiang specializes in automobiles, special equipment, spare auto parts and components, electronic products, aquatic products and large and medium-sized precision molds.

All subsidiary companies of Huaxiang Group have passed the certifications for ISO 9000, IS9000, VDA 6.1, TS/16949, the advanced standard for international auto making and the checking and acceptance of CIMS under national 863 Program. 

Huaxiang Group pays great attention to inspection from international bodies, which promotes its healthy development. Huaxiang strengthens technical reforms, encourages technical innovation, develops digital control technology, optimizes product design and production processes and enhances automation flexibility and integration. 

Huaxiang has established the Ningbo Provincial-level Auto Plastic Mold Technical R&D Center and Ningbo Huaxiang Auto Research and Design Institute, which have provided impetus for the further development of the Huaxiang Group.

Huaxiang will be built into a modern stock company with comprehensive advantages in large-scale production, taking the auto industry as its main focus, technology and trade as its affiliated business.

Products and Service

1. Complete Automobiles: SUV, Special Equipment, Special-purpose vehicles;

2. Automobile Parts: Engine Accessories, Air-conditioner Parts, Electric Harness System, Oil Supply, Brake, Steering Brake, Shock Absorber System, Interior Trim Parts, Walnut Trim Parts, Instrument Stand, Carpet, Auto Glass, Auto Top, Auto Door Protection Panel, Auto Chassis and Driving Bridge System

Lighting & Electronics: Aquatic Products

Commercial Service: Huaxiang Villa, Huaxiang Hotel

Contact Us

Contacts: Mr Yang 

E-mail: huaxiang315700@163.com

Phone: +86-574-6583-7888 

Fax: +86-574-6583-7000

Add: No 104  Zhe’nan Road, Xizhou, Xiangshan, Ningbo, Zhejiang province 

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