Chen gives China a big lift at Asian championships in Ningbo

China Daily| Updated:  April 23, 2019 L M S


China's Chen Lijun set three world records en route to winning the men's 67kg division title at the Asian Weightlifting Championships in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, on April 21. [Photo/Xinhua]

China's Chen Lijun shattered three world records en route to winning the men's 67kg division at the Asian championships here on April 21.

The two-time world champion in the 62kg category made three good lifts in the snatch, breaking the record in his last attempt at 154kg. 

The 26-year-old did not meet any challenge in the jerk as he rewrote the world record in his second attempt at 185kg with a winning total of 339kg. That also topped his own world record of 332kg set at the 2018 worlds. 

Last year, the International Weightlifting Federation made the decision to reshuffle the divisions and set new standards for world records. 

"I felt confident today because my training in winter was effective," said Chen, who was forced out of the 2016 Rio Olympics due to calf cramps just minutes before his first lift," said Chen. 

"Today, I gave up my last attempt because I hope to save the best for my next competition. I will try to break the world record again in the future."

His compatriot Feng Lyudong claimed the silver with a total of 330kg while Pak Jong-ju of DPR Korea took the bronze at 322kg. 

Earlier in the day, Hou Zhihui of China won the women's 49kg division gold medal at 208kg, two kilos less than her own world record, set in Fuzhou in February. 

Ri Song Gum of DPR Korea took the silver at 200kg and China's Zhang Rong claimed the bronze at 199kg.