Yinzhou district

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:  May 19, 2020 L M S


Yinzhou district, a core urban area of Ningbo. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn] 

Location: Yinzhou district, a core urban area of Ningbo, is less than two kilometers from the Ningbo Lishe International Airport and a half-hour drive from Beilun Port. 

GDP: 221.1 billion yuan ($32.04 billion) (2019) 

Permanent residents: 931,000 (2019) 

Area: 1,381 square kilometers 


According to official data, Yinzhou district's gross domestic product (GDP) rose seven percent year-on-year to 221.1 billion yuan in 2019, while fiscal revenue totaled 45.34 billion yuan, a yearly uptick of four percent. 

Fixed assets in Yinzhou accounted for 33.9 percent of the city's total investment in 2019, ranking fist among all counties and districts in the city. 

The district is currently home to 20 listed companies, including six listed on overseas bourses, more than any other district or county in Ningbo. 

The per capita disposable income among urban residents was 70,074 yuan, up eight percent year-on-year, while the figure for rural residents was 39,953 yuan, an increase of 9.2 percent.  

Administrative divisions:

Yinzhou governs 10 towns and 15 sub-districts. The towns include Zhanqi town, Xianxiang town, Dongwu town, Tangxi town, Wuxiang town, Qiuai town, Yunlong town, Hengxi town, and Jiangshan town. The sub-districts include Panhuo sub-district, Fuming sub-district, Dongliu sub-district, Zhonghe sub-district, Dongjiao sub-district, Xiaying sub-district, Minglou sub-sub-district, Baizhang sub-district, Dongsheng sub-district, Baihe sub-district, Shounan sub-district, and Zhonggongmiao sub-district.


In 2019, Yinzhou ranked fourth among the top 100 districts in China in terms of comprehensive economic strength. 

That same year, it topped the list of the top 100 districts in terms of technical innovation and rated among the top 100 counties in the nation in terms of investment potential and ecofriendly development.

Other accolades the district has received in recent years include being named a pilot area for national rural governance system reform.