Zhejiang lowers emergency response level to Typhoon Chanthu

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated:  September 14, 2021 L M S

East China's Zhejiang province has decreased its emergency response level from the highest level to the third highest.

Provincial authorities made the decision at 8:30 am on Sept 14.

The center of Typhoon Chanthu was around 115 kilometers to the northeast of Shengsi Island in Zhejiang province at 6:00 am on Sept 14 and was forecast to circle the surrounding sea area of the Zhoushan Archipelago over the next two days until moving northeastward on Sept 16, with gradually diminishing strength.

The Zhejiang provincial meteorological observatory predicts that a rainstorm will hit some regions in Zhoushan and Ningbo over the next two days.