6,000 donated books transported to Sichuan prefecture

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:  September 15, 2021 L M S


Books donated by Ningbo residents are prepared to be transported to Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture in Southwest China's Sichuan province. [Photo/Ningbo Evening News]

A plane loaded with 6,000 books departed from Ningbo, East China's Zhejiang province for Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture, Southwest China's Sichuan province on Sept 14.

The books, which were packed in 48 cartons, were donated by Ningbo residents over the past three days.

The city launched the book donation campaign by setting up donation sites in more than 130 residential communities across the city.

In April, Ningbo was paired with Liangshan under the east-west poverty relief program by the central government, which sees more prosperous provinces and municipalities in East China lend support to underdeveloped regions in the country.

Ningbo has been assigned with lending support to 11 counties in Liangshan. It plans to implement 180 projects this year to help the underdeveloped prefecture achieve economic growth, local authorities said.

Located in southwestern Sichuan province, Liangshan is the largest inhabited area of the Yi ethnic group in China.

The book donation event is expected to run until the end of September. Those who want to participate in the event can contact the hotline: 87777777.   


Volunteers pack books donated by Ningbo residents for children in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture, Southwest China's Sichuan province. [Photo/Ningbo Evening News]